The CEO of B-inspired Publishing

Yolanda Washington-Cowan is the CEO of B-Inspired Publishing and  an upcoming author under her own label who connects with readers by sharing life experiences and Biblical principles. She describes herself as a wife and mother first and an author second.

She is the founder, a Not-For-Profit Organization that works with helps women to break free from the poverty trap.  And the CEO of B-Inspired, a Publishing Company, as well as an author under her label. She was led by God to write her first book "Gracefully Broken," which documents the lessons that she learned from her personal struggles and God’s dealings in her life.

She fellowships at a church under an Apostolic Ministry, faithfully serves on the Teaching Ministry and a member of Women Group Life  Ministry in her church. She is an inspirational and motivational speaker who shares life lessons and real-life experiences with others throughout the city  on how to break the cycle of poverty by looking beyond the past and paving a way toward the future. She also regularly connects with her Christian sisters on a daily prayer line that helps them stay in touch through praying, studying the Word of God and intercession.

Yolanda is the best-selling author of ‘Gracefully Broken'.  Other books by her are 'Diamonds in the Rough', ‘Everyday is Pay Day in the Kingdom of God’ and ‘ 50 Motivational Prayers for Financial Breakthrough and Divine Healing.’  Her newest release is "10 Ways to Become Debt Free"

Be on the lookout for more spirit-filled books from her.
The CEO of B-inspired Publishing The CEO of B-inspired Publishing