Yolanda Washington-Cowan is many things, but first and foremost, she is a loving mother, devoted wife, and champion of women.

As the CEO of B-Inspired Publishing and the Founder of B-Inspired.Org, she has fulfilled her destiny to make a difference in people’s lives by helping women to break free from the poverty trap through financial education, job-readiness training, career development, and job placement programs.

When not on the front lines of her non-profit organization or of her publishing house, Yolanda can be found spending quality time with her family, living in her faith, or inspiring others through her many books. They include: 10 Ways to be Debt Free, Every Day is a Payday in the Kingdom of God, 50 Motivational Prayers for Financial Breakthrough and Diving Healing,Taking Care of God Stuff Understanding Stewardship for Children, 25 Prayers to take you from No Faith to Great Faith, The Scorn Man, Diamonds in the Rough, Gracefully Broken, and Understanding Penny Stocks for Beginners.

Be on the lookout for more spirit-filled and faith-based works books from her.
The CEO of B-inspired Publishing  imageThe CEO of B-inspired Publishing  image