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The CEO of B-inspired Publishing

Yolanda Washington-Cowan is many things, but first and foremost, she is a loving mother, devoted wife, and champion of women.

As the CEO of B-Inspired Publishing and the Founder of B-Inspired.Org, she has fulfilled her destiny to make a difference in people’s lives by helping women to break free from the poverty trap through financial education, job-readiness training, career development, and job placement programs.

When not on the front lines of her non-profit organization or of her publishing house, Yolanda can be found spending quality time with her family, living in her faith, or inspiring others through her many books. They include: 10 Ways to be Debt Free, Every Day is a Payday in the Kingdom of God, 50 Motivational Prayers for Financial Breakthrough and Diving Healing,Taking Care of God Stuff Understanding Stewardship for Children, 25 Prayers to take you from No Faith to Great Faith, The Scorn Man, Diamonds in the Rough, Gracefully Broken, and Understanding Penny Stocks for Beginners.

Be on the lookout for more spirit-filled and faith-based works books from her.
The CEO of B-inspired Publishing The CEO of B-inspired Publishing

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Gracefully Broken, Every Day is a Payday in the Kingdom of God, 50 Motivational Prayers for Divine Healing and Financial Breakthrough, 10 Ways to be Debt Free, Taking Care of God's Stuff, and The Scorned Man

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Book Reviews

 I learned a lot about generational curses. Can't wait to see what the author is going to write next."


 I learn a lot about deviance and inner healing. This is awesome. Can't wait until Diamond in the Rough come out."

Oneka Todd



 This is a phenomenal book. I enjoyed reading it. This book can be applied to one's everyday life experience. I highly recommend reading this. Your life will be truly changed! Thank you to the author for sharing her life experiences and applying biblical principles. I cant wait for the next book to be released!"

Amazon Customer

 I just want to thank the author for helping me understand deliverance. I need it and want it."


 Every Day Is a Payday in the Kingdom of GOD! is awesome. This book gives a balanced and accurate message on GOD's plan for financial peace, wholeness and soundness in the lives of believers. What I found refreshing is that it makes no promises of quick fixes or get rich quick schemes and methods but instead, page by page offers an outstanding, inspiring and life-changing method on how to receive GOD's favor in both your personal and professional finances. You will glean insight, wisdom, truth and inspiration for whatever you may be facing financially. Infused with illustrations, Scripture and commentary, you will find yourself studying this book every chance you get"


 I bought this book as I am doing a stewardship theme with 2 youth groups this term and wanted to do some reading beforehand. It was a great summary of all things stewardship and will help me explain it in simple terms."


 I got my copies for my grandbabies. These book are a easy read for children. My grandchildren have a better understanding the importance of Stewardship, Seedtime and Harvest. I give theme 5*****"

Minister Betty Lambert

 Mary Evans Great interview Yolanda! I have a variety of genres on docket!"

Black Authors Matter TV Interview 08/24/2021

 Shirley Chatman Marvelous Young lady"

National Black Author Festival 10/23/21

B-Inspired Publishing Company Newest Author Releases

Andrea N. Hardaway

New Author

Baby Evan is a series of books about our journey from foster care to adoption. Evan was placed with my husband and I when he was 7 months old. Being a first-time mom, I did not know a lot about caring for an infant. I watched family and friends as they cared for their children, but it is very different when you are responsible. I knew some basic reasons why babies cry; either they are hungry, sleepy, wet or sick. In this book I was trying to find out why Baby Evan was crying. In the forthcoming series of books, I will share our life experiences as a family. We faced several challenges along the way but with God we continue to work through them by praying and asking for wisdom and guidance. Evan is a remarkable and funny little fellow whom we love so much. We hope that you enjoy this series as much as we have enjoyed having him in our lives. Thanks in advance for your continued support. God bless!

What's Wrong Baby Evan

Available On Amazon :Hard Copy only,

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Linda K. Willies

New Author

Linda, whose background of Christianity and Faith in Christ Jesus was from an early childhood. Linda was always amazed and intrigued about cycles of life and seasonal changes of winter, spring, summer and autumn. To better understand life and its cycles, it would have to come from God the creator. Truth can only be revealed from the source of the creator as to why things are as they are. Her discipleship in Christ transformed from Baptist to Pentecostal into the teachings of the Kingdom of God.

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Available in :Audible, Hard Copy, and E-Book formats-Get your copy today.

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Melony Walker

New Author

Melony Walker was born in Memphis, Tennessee January 28, 1964. She is a graduate of George Washington Carver High School, LeMoyne-Owen College and Strayer University. In 1982, on a basketball scholarship, she attended LeMoyne-Owen College where she received a B.A. in Fine Arts. She taught art education and coached girls’ basketball (2006 TSSAA State Champions), track and volleyball in Memphis City Schools for eleven years. In 2010, she received a master’s degree at Strayer University. In 1993, her work was honored by the Tennessee Black Caucus of Legislators at the Peabody Hotel. Much of her work is based on family, unity, sports, and Memphis culture through fine arts and wearable art. She was selected as the Africa in April Graphic artist from 2000 to 2006. She is known throughout Memphis of her Unique Style of work and the Artist for Retired NBA player Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway, NBA Chicago Cameron Payne, and creates work for SCIAA and SCSK12 Custom Paintings for Championship Awards. Melony Walker is branching out on her journey as an Artist by exploring her work Nationally and International as Women Artist. She current owns and operates Creative Di-Zign. 

Born to Be Creative

Coming soon: Available On Amazon :Hard Copy only,

Steve Treadwell

New Author

Steven Treadwell's mission has always been the motivator that provides a reason to do something, always motivating the people. He is the encourager of the brethren sharing courage and confidence. When he moved to Los Angeles, California, Steven starts studying Fredrick K. Price's teaching at Crenshaw Christian Center, where his revelation to the word of God began.

We have been MENTALLY KIDNAPPED III ...God’s mindset

Available in :Hard Copy and E-Book formats-Get your copy today.

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