Andrea N. Hardaway
New Author

Baby Evan is a series of books about our journey from foster care to adoption. Evan was placed with my husband and I when he was 7 months old. Being a first-time mom, I did not know a lot about caring for an infant. I watched family and friends as they cared for their children, but it is very different when you are responsible. I knew some basic reasons why babies cry; either they are hungry, sleepy, wet or sick. In this book I was trying to find out why Baby Evan was crying. In the forthcoming series of books, I will share our life experiences as a family. We faced several challenges along the way but with God we continue to work through them by praying and asking for wisdom and guidance. Evan is a remarkable and funny little fellow whom we love so much. We hope that you enjoy this series as much as we have enjoyed having him in our lives. Thanks in advance for your continued support. God bless!